Ugandan cryptocurrency exchange CoinPesa launches ICO


Ugandan digital currency exchange CoinPesa has launched its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) pre-sale, with the aim of encouraging more Ugandans to familiarise themselves with and adopt cryptocurrencies.

CoinPesa is a digital currency exchange built for emerging markets, with a focus on the African market.  The startup’s overall goal is to enhance financial inclusion on the continent through blockchain-based digital assets.

In a bid to expand its user base and encourage people to acquaint themselves with cryptocurrencies and the CoinPesa platfrom, CoinPesa launched its ICO this month, with 99 million coins to be made available for purchase over the coming 12 months.

For now, the pre-sale is open only to registered users, who can purchase Coinpesa Tokens (CPXT), and use them to pay for various services on the platform, such as trading fees.

Users can earn extra tokens through the CoinPesa Champion Referral Programme, where users are paid a commission for every successful reference into the platform.

“As a digital currency exchange, our mission goes beyond just simply providing a point of access for users to access cryptocurrency. We want to offer a platform that can be used to realise new possibilities, where users can access valuable financial services and uplift themselves through sustainable revenue generation opportunities,” says Suleiman Murunga, chief executive officer (CEO) of CoinPesa.

The pre-sale is set to open to the public during September, while the public ICO sale is set for January 2019.


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