SA recruitment startup Giraffe now allows automated voice screening


South African recruitment startup Giraffe has launched an automated candidate voice screening functionality, helping employers shortlist candidates more effectively.

Giraffe, which raised a second round of equity funding last year, is a fully-automated, low-cost recruitment agency service operating across South Africa and focusing on medium-skilled jobs such as call centre, field sales, customer service and retail.

The startup uses mobile technology and matching algorithms to automatically source, screen and contact qualified candidates, enabling recruiters and HR teams to significantly streamline their recruitment processes. So far, it has scheduled over 300,000 candidates for interviews.

Its new automated voice screening feature provides an additional layer of screening to help employers shortlist candidates more accurately. Candidates that qualify for a position are invited to take a voice assessment via SMS. With a click of a button, Giraffe’s system automatically calls the candidate and plays a customisable instruction. The candidate’s response is recorded and a voice clip is sent to the employer’s dashboard.

All of this means the employer can build a digital library of candidate voice clips from which they can choose candidates to progress through the selection process, saving valuable interview time.

“We are excited about voice screening because it benefits both the employer and the job seeker – streamlining the recruitment process for both parties,” said Giraffe spokesperson Siobhan Zurnamer.

Job seekers also benefit from automated voice screening because it effectively brings the first-round interview to them – at no cost to the candidate.

“Usually candidates would need to pay for their own transport for the first round screening interview – which they often cannot afford to do. Voice screening eliminates the need for travel and the call is also free for the candidate,” said Zurnamer.


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