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Do you know you can access business coaching, mentoring and co-working space fully sponsored by Orange Corners?

Orange Corners is a non-profit organisation set up by the Kingdom of the Netherlands, in partnership with top-tier Dutch organisations (Heineken, Shell, Philips, Vopak and RoyalHaskoningDHV) to help entrepreneurs succeed.

Orange Corners is running a one-year programme in South Africa that supports entrepreneurs to learn, grow their businesses and expand their professional networks. The programme consists of:

1 Custom programme designed for each entrepreneur;

2 Practical, one-on-one business coaching;

3 Mentoring and coaching by seasoned executives;

4 Access to collaborative working spaces (if relevant);

5 Access to networks and supply chains.

Each entrepreneur that is accepted will be assessed and have a custom programme designed for them and their business. The time commitment to be involved in the programme is between 3 to 5 hours per month for 8 months.

All this is at no charge to the entrepreneur, made possible by partner companies such as Heineken, Shell, Philips, Vopak and RoyalHaskoningDHV. You can apply for the programme on the following link: Orange Corners are accepting 30 South African entrepreneurs that will be selected after applying online and attending an in-person interview.

The direct link to the online application form is here. If you’d like to find out more about Orange Corners, their website is here. The closing date for applications is 15th March 2019.

About Orange Corners

Orange Corners is committed to making a positive contribution to South Africa’s socioeconomic development by creating an enabling environment for entrepreneurs. The programme represents a partnership between organisations such as Shell, Heineken, Vopak, Royal HaskoningDHV and Phillips who are leveraging their combined networks, skills and knowledge for the benefit of the Orange Corners Entrepreneurs.

By supporting South-African Entrepreneurs during a one-year programme facilitated in Johannesburg and Diepsloot, the Orange Corners initiative helped 45 entrepreneurs with co-working space, mentoring and training in 2018. Bringing the programme to the next level in 2019, Orange Corners provides 30 South-African Entrepreneurs with custom support, based on their business needs.

Dutch Ambassador Marisa Gerards says: “Our mission is to establish an innovative support system for entrepreneurs and truly partner with them in their business journeys.  A key element of the initiative is to link companies, individuals and knowledge institutes from South Africa and the Netherlands with each other, thereby not only combining our separate expertise for joint solutions but also strengthening the relationship between South Africa and the Netherlands”.

Orange Corners is a platform for entrepreneurs to learn, grow their businesses, expand their professional networks and stimulate their creativity. The aim is to contribute to South Africa’s socioeconomic growth by creating an environment for local entrepreneurship to thrive in. In doing so, the initiative provides a place to access a network of like-minded individuals for Dutch entrepreneurs.

To find out more about the initiative visit our website at or contact the Orange Corners programme at: [email protected]  

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