CoinCola P2P Bitcoin Exchange Offers Services to Nigeria


For some time now, Nigeria has seen a surge of foreign investors who want to take advantage of the benefits the nation has to offer. Although the country has a fair share of its own problems, this does not seem to be a hinder the direct foreign investment into the most populous black nation on earth.

With this in mind, CoinCola, one of the best P2P cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and have decided to offer its services to citizens of the country. One may wonder what a cryptocurrency exchange service is doing in a country like Nigeria.

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Over the years, as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been gaining ground in other advanced countries worldwide. Africa especially Nigeria has not been left behind. Although adoption and usage have not been at its best, it’s surprising to note that crypto especially Bitcoin has been a credible alternative means of payment for the people in Nigeria due to the myriad of problems they face with their financial service system.

Banks charges are usually exorbitant and access to foreign exchange for the common man is next to none. The people of the country have been able to circumvent this problem turning to cryptocurrency. With these in mind, they have trooped to various exchanges to meet their crypto demands. Unfortunately, most have also fallen into the hands of scammers who take advantage of the sudden rush.

History of CoinCola

CoinCola has always been a household name in Hong Kong, the People’s Republic of China. They are an Over The Counter crypto market place and exchange where you can trade cryptocurrencies of all types in a safe and secure environment.

Services offered by CoinCola

CoinCola itself is a full supporter of the fundamental beliefs of Bitcoin and Blockchain. Hence they do not serve as a central body that regulates Bitcoin trade. What they do is offer users everything they need to trade cryptocurrencies among themselves without a hitch.

With CoinCola, you can buy bitcoin online with ease and you can also trade knowing fully well you will be charged less fees and your assets are safe from hackers. Some of the cryptocurrencies you can trade are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dash, USDT, XRP and many more.

For people that are just entering into the cryptocurrency world, CoinCola has one of the best knowledge base to keep them updated about all they need to know on their new venture. The User Interface is easy to navigate even for newbies and it also satisfies the needs of seasoned crypto traders.

All trading is done with peers from Nigeria and sellers are given a trust rating which would determine how trustworthy it is to do business with them. You can either choose to buy Bitcoin from your peers or you can buy from the exchange, it all depends on what suits you best. If you buy bitcoin from your peers, CoinCola offers escrow services that protects both buyer and seller and payment will be released when both parties are satisfied.

Payment Options

One of the selling points of CoinCola is the amount of payment options available to its users. Due to a lot of problems Nigerians face in accessing forex, Coincola did a lot of research to alleviate the pains of Nigerians. They offer several payment options to make it easy to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria. For those who have access to digital wallet PayPal, they can buy Bitcoin and other Altcoins with it.

You can also buy Bitcoin with the Naira by using their direct cash deposit option or you can simply make a bank transfer. Other payment options are gift cards, iTunes cards, Amazon gift cards , Google Play gift card, and foreign currencies like the Euros, British Pound, and the Nigeria naira. Buying Bitcoin in Nigeria has never been easier like now.

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Security of the platform

One thing Coincola does not joke with is its security. With the news of hacks hitting several crypto exchanges worldwide, Coincola has spared no expense when it comes to matters related to security. They hired the best security experts in the market to always protect their assets. They also use top-notch security apparatus to protect their assets and the assets of their users around the world. This is one of the reasons you probably have not heard any news of a hack or security breach on the exchange.
To make things easy for its users, CoinCola is also available on the web and mobile. You can access Coincola via your desktop browser or you can download the app from either Playstore or iOS.


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