Cape Town’s Sensor Networks to test smart home offering in closed-beta


South African IoT for insurance startup Sensor Networks is to run a closed-beta test phase of its smart home system, which focuses on reducing insurance risk by integrating a number of bespoke and third-party connected devices with a mobile phone app and online incident manager.

Founded in 2015, Sensor Networks has built a bespoke platform aimed at helping insurance companies reduce risk through the use of low-cost smart sensors and its integrated IoT platform.

The startup, which last raised funding one year ago, has built a bespoke IoT hardware platform to help players in the industry improve risk mitigation, enhance loss management and better engage with their customers.

While the company says it has already proven the value of smart geysers in South African homes through its ongoing partnerships with several of the country’s top insurance providers, founder Mark Allewell says it is now looking for interested participants to try out its smart home security and smart fire alarm products. 

“We’ve got more than 2.5 years worth of data from our smart  geyser partnerships, and we’re now ready to transform that into a more comprehensive smart-home offering,” Allewell said.

The beta tester programme, which will provide testers with hardware worth around ZAR5,000, will be rolled out once Sensor Networks has 20 valid users. Individuals would need to reside in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Bloemfontein, have a working electric geyser and an existing home alarm system, be willing to install a smoke detector and fire alarm, and be able to provide regular feedback when prompted. Interested individuals should send an email to this address.


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