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Alcohol consumption is an integral part of Nigerians’ culture of celebration, even to the most primitive Nigerian. It evokes a social statue to consumers in the eyes of the public and can be used to signal equality or social membership among the consumers.

Considering these facts, we are then posed with questions on how the average Nigerian buys drinks?

Most Nigerians, would either go to the open market on the Lagos Island where they are exposed to all sorts of adulteration, while some that can’t stand the rowdiness of the Lagos Island environment, resolve to the supermarket and when they need to consume directly, they go to the lounge, club or even hotel lobbies.

So, who supplies these establishments, like the supermarket, club, hotel, lounge or even the end user “consumer”, who is cautious of what he or she consumes, wants value for every spend and wants convenience?

We came across a startup that has being doing great work in this space. It’s called Myshayo.com! Yes “shayo” derived from the local name for drinks in Nigeria.

Myshayo.com is an online drink delivery platform that recently launched a nationwide delivery service across the nation and they have taken over a large chunk of the market. This startup launched operations in 2016 and has grown from operating in just two cities, to delivering in every state in Nigeria, yes, every state in just three years!

These means in few clicks, on myshayo.com or by downloading their app on Google Play store/iOS store you can have any drink of your choice in cases delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria.

If you have ever shopped at Costco, then you would understand an iota of the value this startup offers and lot more. Drinks on their platform are sold in cases at wholesale prices, you can be sure of the authenticity of the product as they only gets their supplies from manufacturers and licensed brand importers.

These manufacturers and licensed brand importers, who myshayo.com refer to as partners can attest to the fact that with myshayo.com, their worries on the spread of adulterated drinks has been reduced to the barest minimum and at the pace myshayo.com is growing, they can rest assured that drink adulteration would be a thing of the past in no time. 

So, if you are thinking of getting the best deals, authentic drinks and you want the comfort of it being delivered at your doorstep without extra cost, Myshayo.com is surely your most reliable channel to buy those drinks for your next party, wedding, club stock-up, lounge stock-up, hotel stock-up or even your own very private collection.

To make things easier for consumers, they even allow unconventional mode of ordering. Like via their social media channels, WhatsApp number, and you can even call in if you want.

Options on how to order:

Visit http://myshayo.com or Download the App.

Call – 09087188231 – 2

DM @myshayolimited

WhatsApp – 09087188231

It doesn’t end there! We recently reached out to Oluwaseyi Adepoju, who is the CEO of the startup to ask a few questions:

What are the challenges you face?

One of our main challenges is pricing, we have people who sell adulterated product at ridiculously low prices & customers sometimes are just keen on getting the best price without looking out for quality or the authenticity of the product. We have seen situations where people sell products at prices cheaper than the manufacturers. How do you deal with that?

We simply launched a #buyauthentic campaign, with the goal of educating the populace more of the dangers of buying adulterated drinks and also to bring to their notice that the price difference, cannot cover the damage they do on themselves. So it is safe to patronise a trusted household brand like myshayo.com, that guarantees you a good price, authentic drinks, convenience and varieties.

What is your delivery timeline like?

We are very prompt with our delivery timeline, which is 24 hours in Lagos and Abuja, and 72 hours in other states of the nation. We understand the value of timely delivery and we keep a seamless communication channel with the customer per adventure there is a situation beyond human control.

How do you tackle competition?

Our product and service speaks for itself, so we don’t bother with competition. We are keen on making every purchase experience mind-blowing, with that we have a very high retainership rate and that keeps us on top. Lest you must be aware we are the only online drink platform that operates in more than one state, that tells you what our vision is like! We are here to stay and serve Nigerian forever.

Do you think that online shopping has come to stay in Nigeria?

Well it’s a fact that technology adoption is slow, but we understand the terrain, so we’ve created customer acquisition programmes that accommodate such a fact and build trust between us and prospective customers, the traction has been wonderful!

Also, I would like to emphasise that e-commerce has come to stay, people should start looking at given customers what they really want by creating meaningful synergies with products they already love. As disruption starts with unhappy customers, not technology.

Furthermore, its right to say “e-commerce is Nigeria’s next gold mine and it is high time the government knew this. As it has become imperative that brands knock on customers’ doors with offers and with e-commerce I think the knock is polite”.


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