Live Fr8 brings the innovative solutions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to the transport industry


Live Fr8 brings the innovative solutions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to the transport industry! This mobile app provides cloud technology and artificial intelligence that will disrupt and enhance the existing processes and structures in the industry. 

Live Fr8 offers these benefits: 

• Download on laptop or mobile phone free of charge. 

• Cost saving and efficiency with cloud technology and artificial intelligence. 

• This user-friendly app uses very little data. 

• Direct contact between suppliers and transporters. 

• Productive mileage – turn empty return loads into full loads. 

• Suppliers select and monitor transporters on any electronic device. 

• Suppliers and transporters use a points system to evaluate and rate one another. 

• Parties contract directly with each other. Live Fr8 is impartial and independent. 

• Increased productivity and cost savings for logistic managers. 

• Constantly updated database of selected suppliers and transporters. 

• Increased profitability for all users. 

Live Fr8 is the innovative solution that uses new cloud technology and artificial intelligence to disrupt and improve the future of freight transport: 

Logistic businesses use this groundbreaking technology to find, move and monitor loads via smart phone. This technological breakthrough offers a huge competitive advantage, in the form of increased productivity and costs savings to users. Cargo suppliers can monitor the progress of the delivery on any electronic device, while transporters use the app to turn empty return trips into full loads. Live Fr8 levels the playing field for smaller transporters anywhere in Africa and empowers them to compete on equal footing. Live Fr8 transforms anyone with access to an electronic device, into a logistics manager. 

The technological breakthrough: 

Live Fr8 is the technology platform that harnesses artificial intelligence to enable suppliers and transporters to meet in the cloud, manage and monitor transactions, and rate one another. This user-friendly app provides access to a huge database but uses little data. 

How Live Fr8 improves your profits: 

Suppliers load cargo free of charge on the app for transporters to find. The supplier lists the loads by weight, category, source address and destination, on the database. The algorithm helps transporters to search for specific loads in the specified area, thereby turning empty loads into full loads. The transporter nominates the price to move the cargo to the destination. The transporter only pays a small fee to Live Fr8 once a load has been obtained successfully. The supplier and the transporter transact directly with one another. Live Fr8 is not involved in the contracting process between the parties and is not a counterparty in the deal. 

Live Fr8 empowers entrepreneurs in Africa: 

This app is available in Angola, Botswana, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eswatini, Kenya, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius (including Reunion), Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. 

The force behind Live Fr8: 

Riaan Rautenbach identified and designed this innovative technological solution. Riaan has more than 30 years’ experience in the transport industry of Southern Africa. He developed the app to address and solve the problems he experienced in the industry. The coding for the app was done by CODENATICS, who are leaders in the international technology industry. The collaboration between these creative entrepreneurs brings a breakthrough that will improve the profitability for all users. 


Live Fr8 levels the playing field for smaller entrepreneurs and lowers operating costs for established businesses. The app brings a huge competitive advantage to everyone who uses it. Live Fr8 also empowers isolated communities in Africa to put food on the table by coordinating the logistics on their mobile phones. 

Duane Harold of Codenatics is responsible for the development of the app as well as the website. 

Directors: N. Hanekom (Chairman), C.M. Rautenbach (Managing Director), H.S Clarkson (BProc Unisa), M.J Lourens (BLC LLB Pretoria), Dr. T.A Gous


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