“Startup generator” Antler backs 4 startups from first Nairobi programme


Global “startup generator” Antler has revealed the four tech startups created through its first Nairobi programme last year that secured US$100,000 in pre-seed funding.

Antler, a global startup generator and early-stage venture capital (VC) firm, launched operations in Kenya last year and will hold its inaugural demo day in Nairobi today (January 12).

The Nairobi programme was launched in August, with 37 individuals accepted from more than 1,250 applicants. Over the first two months of the six-month programme, these individuals formed 15 teams. 

Antler then invested US$100,000 in pre-seed funding in almost four of these businesses, which have become the first series of Antler portfolio companies to come out of Africa. The investments, all of which were made last year, were secured by health credit startup Anyi Health, data-driven marketing platform AIfluence, FMCG distribution solution ChapChap Go, and retail-tech startup digiduka.

“These teams and startups did not exist six months ago. Through the programme, some of Africa’s most exceptional individuals found a co-founder with complementary skills, tested and validated their business ideas, launched MVPs, and obtained revenues. All these companies have demonstrated incredible traction in a rapid timeframe,” said Marie Nielsen, partner at Antler East Africa.

“We’re blown away by the response to the demo day event by the investor and startup community. We hope by showcasing what can be achieved in only six months, aspiring founders across the continent will be encouraged to go out there and create their dream businesses. Antler, with its global platform and network, is there to fast track the process from the very first step.”


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