Vehicle marketplace YeloMotor launches in SA


Vehicle marketplace YeloMotor has launched in South Africa, helping users purchase cars in a transparent manner from reviewed sellers.

Launched this year, YeloMotor brings together the automobile community, and allows users to buy from sellers whose reputations have been approved by others.

“Few decisions we make in life can be more nerve-racking and expensive than privately buying or selling a car online, and in the digital age you’re just as likely to get scammed as you are find your dream ride,” founder Denzil Kisten told Disrupt Africa.

YeloMotor aims to put the consumer in control, offering access to a transparent online community that allows members to separate genuine buyers and sellers from scammers.

“What separates YeloMotor from the rest is its belief that buying and selling a car online is about ensuring users can trust the person on the other side of the computer. YeloMotor strives to provide private sellers and buyers with the right data and tools that can make them feel secure and safe in the online world,” Kisten said.


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