How Nigerian tech startup Fixlancer is changing how jobs get done


Barely January 2019 since the full operation of Fixlancer commenced, they have become the cat’s whiskers – trifling imaginations to a fault. With a systematic and well defined sequence of approach towards lives and businesses, they have created a lead that would rather be envied with a touch of commendation. 

Fixlancer has its focus on becoming an anchorage that would create a sure plug-in for businesses who need services at a sure and jaw dropping pattern. This idea has structured this change into a home of rendering services effortlessly. The idea goes beyond becoming the stirring alone, but to become the fuel that will keep businesses up and on check in this contemporary age. 

“Witty and smart” might have nothing on the staffs at Fixlancer; the effectiveness of the collaboration of these great minds is purely evident in the outcome of their journey towards greatness and building bridges between needs and solutions for individuals and companies. 

As a freelance company situated in Nigeria, they have tremendously shown that even in the African countries, reality of the foreign countries can be applied; not as mere fantasy, but as reality as seen in other parts of the world outside the nativity of Africa.

Nigerian freelancers whose ideas towards creativity and innovation are growing immensely have found a resting place because Fixlancer has created a platform where they can render services and smile at the end of each day; whether sunny or rainy.

Actually, in foreign countries, there are several freelance platforms where buyers and sellers meet, albeit most of these freelance platforms have restrictions that seldom favour Africans; both in payment and catchment area. The emergence of Fixlancer in Africa has currently changed that story through the lives of Freelancers in Nigeria. This idea will gradually take a walk to all corners of Africa. Currently, this change is housing a lot of freelancers and buyers who are getting their jobs done with mouth watering feedbacks. 

Accessing most freelance sites is typically likened to the art of cracking an ancestral nut. The story of start up is significantly different, because accessing and registering with Fixlancer takes only breathing; just log in and register. Such equity and hospitality. The startup is currently working on getting a seed round that would allow it to scale its business, not only in Nigeria but all across Africa.

As a team focused on winning and making individuals and businesses winners of all nations, they signed ‘Efe Ejeba’. He emerged as the winner of 2017 Big Brother Naija show with a clear step of a winner. Actually, winners attracts winners. 

The collaboration of Efe Ejeba and this startup became the hottest topic on all medias and blogs. It was intensively talked about on Nigeria’s popular forum Nairaland. Together, they have been creating awareness and preaching the winning spirit into the lives of many. 

Mr. Randy Edafe who is one of their directors and co-founder opined; “Nigerians are faced with the problem of finding trustworthy freelancers, because they demand for upfront payment and won’t render the service at the end of the day. We’ve changed this story by holding payments on escrow till both parties are satisfied. We didn’t create a marketplace where people earn and leave, it is a home of corroboration and improvement. Factually, we charge 20% in total of all services rendered. We are building bridges, not cracking bridges.”

This startup is clothed with strength and creativity that will spark up the light in individuals and businesses, not just in Nigeria, but all over the entire Africa.


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