Zambian startup launches e-commerce platform offering vendors online storefronts


Zambian startup Getitonline has launched its e-commerce portal that allows physical vendors to secure online storefronts to widen their reach.

Launched last year, Getitonline aims to help more merchants establish online presences for the first time, as well as help overseas vendors sell their products in Zambia.

“We noticed a gap in the e-commerce sector. People used to travel to and from South Africa in order to buy and sell products, so we thought we could bridge that gap and help people who are outside the country sell online, and also help other retail companies with exposure by listing their products,” said Malukutu Andie, chief executive officer (CEO) of Getitonline.

“Most of our competition are dropshippers, so we thought of doing something different by introducing the vendor options and trying to deliver products straight to the customer’s doorstep.”  

The self-funded startup is seeking investment to grow, as securing initial uptake has proven challenging.

“I think this is the most difficult  task we have ever taken upon ourselves,” Andie said. 

“First, because it’s on a national level, to help our target market understand what we trying to do for them, and, second, since the project is self funded, we have trouble reaching the masses and still having to find time to educate people about the technology and how it can help better their lives.”

So far, Getitonline is focused on the cosmetics and electronics spaces, but plans to scale into other areas once it secures its own warehouse to make deliveries more efficient.


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