Ride-hailing startup Ori Rides launched in Uganda


A new ride-hailing startup, Ori Rides, has launched in Uganda, claiming to offer safer options for female customers.

Launched in February, Ori Rides is an Uber-style app that already has over 2,000 drivers and over 7,000 customer downloads.

The startup’s web and mobile based platforms allow users to hail taxis, boda bodas, ambulances and car rental services, at any time and from anywhere. A key feature of the Ori platform is a female driver option, developed to address female safety and security issues, which allows women to specifically request a female driver.

Founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Onyango Owor said Ori Rides was encouraging more women to join the ride-hailing business, and addressing safety concerns.

“We introduced the female driver option for the ladies, as well as the panic button option in case a passenger feels insecure,” Owor said.

The startup’s current competition in Uganda comes from Uber, Bolt, and SafeBoda, but Ori Rides thinks it has an edge given its wide array of options, and the fact it can be accessed by non-smartphone users. Self-funded thus far, it is actively looking for financing to scale its operations beyond its Kampala base.


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