New SA ISP launches with emphasis on “convenience, efficiency, simplicity”


South African internet service provider (ISP) SimpliConnect has launched operations, claiming to deliver a full suite of business and consumer connectivity solutions with an emphasis on convenience, efficiency, and simplicity. 

Founded in 2019, Simpli is a connectivity and digital services enabler that aims to make buying connectivity, hardware and software simple. It offers digital services like Cloud, SaaS, FTTx, WTTx and various business connectivity solutions.

The company claims to focus its solutions on meeting the specific needs of customers in the market, whether that is a large multinational organisation or a home user.

“Having spent over 15 years in the telco industry, it became evident that it is extremely frustrating for consumers and businesses to get the right mix of hardware, software and connectivity to enable your digital lifestyle and grow your business. We address precisely that, we take the best solutions from different vendors and providers removing all the associated complexities and allowing you to buy and consume these services as needed, through digital channels,” said Farhad Suleman, chief executive officer (CEO) of SimpliConnect.

“There are traditional ISP’s out there who are really interested in owning infrastructure and related services and that’s great, but we want to be infrastructure light, value heavy in what we take to market for our customers. Our aim is to make it simple for our customers to be end-to-end digitally enabled – allowing for connectivity, voice, video, software, teleworker, connected home or office, all delivered Simpli!”

The startup successfully won a contract to roll out a 170-site Software-Defined Wide Area Network across the SADCregion for one of South Africa’s retail chains, which Suleman said was a “huge feather in our cap”.

“Not only did we go up against some of the biggest Fibre Network Operators (FNOs) in South Africa to clinch the deal, but we had to deliver this solution in the strictest of timelines and tightest of budgets,” he said.

Simpli is a lean organisation. 

“We are self-funded and are trying to scale without needing to do a funding round. Our new plans are super ambitious, and we may soon go out to the capital markets for funding to scale and diversify into new markets across the continent, innovating our product and solutions portfolio, and growing our partnerships,” said Suleman.

He believes exciting times are ahead in the South African internet market. 

“With so many choices available to consumers and businesses, we know how important it is to differentiate on quality, service, and personalisation. As such, we give you products that do not conform to the stereotypes. It is about pushing boundaries and breaking the rules where necessary to deliver world-class internet access. We differentiate ourselves with the strength of our solutions and the professionalism in which we meet all our client requirements whether they are a large enterprise or an individual looking for home connectivity,” said Suleman.


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