Nigerian marketing startup Dochase unveils WhatsApp chatbot-as-a-service


Nigerian marketing technology company Dochase has unveiled its WhatsApp chatbot product, which allows businesses to interact with customers, gain leads, and automate sales processes.

Founded in 2014 and launched in 2015, Dochase developed programmatic technology that helps advertisers reach the right customers by breaking down marketing reach to GEO locations, user demographics and behaviour.

The business has since iterated and found product-market fit in becoming a programmatic demand side platform (DSP) for advertising agencies, an ad-exchange, and a rich media suite. Its new WhatsApp chatbot allows businesses to interact directly with customers. Leveraging on Dochase adverts and the AI-powered bot, customers need only make a single click to reach the intended business owner.

“The WhatsApp chatbot is a product of the findings that medium and large businesses either have poor customer service, bad websites, or non-functional customer journeys. So we built the bot to connect their adverts to the straightforward chatbot, where sales are consummated easily and in a personalised manner,” said Chibuike Goodnews, chief executive officer (CEO) of Dochase.

The startup already has early users of the chatbot, including two fintech companies, while it is in the process of onboarding others.


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