SA startup eVuna launches insight crowdsourcing platform for brands


South African startup eVuna has launched an insight crowdsourcing platform that enables a sponsor to digitally connect with an audience, either known or unknown, and rewards the audience for their engagement.

Launched in September, eVuna uses rewards to gamify the engagement experience in order to get closer to audiences, better understand their needs, and entrench brand or business loyalty.

“Global events are drastically changing how people perceive value in products, services and brands. New regulations, macro changes in trends, and globalisation of services are forcing changes to organisations, and the need exists for empirical data from target audiences to make decisions,” Ruaan Botha, co-founder of eVuna, told Disrupt Africa.

“The current method of getting closer to their audience insights is to “buy data” or pay marketing corporations hefty amounts to manually source insights on their behalf. These manual insight gathering exercises are typically small sample sizes that lead to an expensive “per interaction” price. It also takes lots of time to setup and can dure for extended periods of time.”

eVuna, however, allows brands and businesses to engage with target audiences in real-time, digitally and with no middleman, and fairly reward the participants.

Self-funded so far, eVuna has already signed up three large financial services brands who will use it to engage with customers, but also to better engage with staff and contractors. 

“We have seen multiple customers interested in doing a POC, which is a perfect fit as the platform allows engagements from sample sizes as small as 50,” Botha said.

Currently operating in the FMCG, HR and financial services industries, eVuna can however be integrated into the customer journey in any service industry, rewarding customers for giving feedback on their experience. 

“The platform has been built to play well with any alternative rewards programme, allowing it to easily expand into other countries, with a specific focus on emerging economies,” said Botha.


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