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Barcodes R Us – How barcodes have changed Society

Before 1974, UPC barcodes did not exist. It is hard to imagine a world without them. Since their invention, they have entrenched themselves in our everyday lives in such a way that we take them completely for granted. In actual fact, they have changed our lives in countless ways. The technology of barcodes is advancing daily and new ways are being invented to enrich our lives. Buy Barcodes South Africa is excited to be a part of this process.  

The first were the basic UPC barcodes, which are one dimensional and are used to manage the stock control process in retailers worldwide. Since then these barcodes have been improved on and perfected. New, more complex two dimensional barcodes have also been developed which have changed the way we operate in businesses today. How exactly have they changed our everyday lives for the better?  Why should one acquire them for their small business?

First of all, one dimensional formats such as the EAN and UPC barcodes have changed the way retailers control their checkout process and how they manage their stock levels. These are thirteen and twelve digits long respectively.  They are retail barcodes that are used to sell items in stores worldwide.  In the past, in order to process a sale at the checkout counter, it was necessary to manually look up each individual item up on the sales system. This took both time and energy and often led to mistakes which can cost the businesses money. People are human and as such, they tend to make mistakes, especially when they are in a hurry. Barcodes eliminate these human mistakes. In these modern days, all sales assistants have to do is to scan each individual code and this  automatically brings the item up on the sales system. This saves the business both time and money.  This also means that clients do not have to wait in long queues in order to be assisted. This boosts the client’s overall experience of your store and encourages them to become loyal clients. In the long run, this will boost your profit margin. Happy clients lead to more money in the bank and boosts your reputation in the business world.

Secondly, they have changed the way retailers control their inventory.  In the past, in order to do stock control, it was necessary to completely shut down shop and manually count each item.  This would take a lot of time and would lead to a loss of profits as it was not possible to trade during this time. Initiating a barcoding system into your business means that you do not need to close in order to do stock take. You can remain open and simply scan each item into the sales system in order to do an inventory check.

One dimensional UPC barcodes also assist in the re-ordering process. In order to check your stock levels, all you have to do is simply look it up on the sales system.  It will indicate how many individual items you have and will help you to know when to re-order in order to ensure that your store remains well stocked.  Clients love a well-stocked store and will become loyal to the store that has what they need.

We are fully equipped to provide you with the highest quality one dimensional retail barcodes.  We provide EAN and UPC barcodes at the most cut-throat prices. Our service is friendly and efficient.  

Another format are the two dimensional barcodes such as Quick Response codes that have also changed the way we do business today.  These are more complex and are able to store a lot more information than the more common one dimensional format. These versatile barcodes  are becoming ever more popular in society today. The most common two dimensional are called the Quick Response Code. They are a square image with dots and other shapes set against a white background. These barcodes are able to be scanned by any Smartphone, which makes them accessible to all of your clients. By scanning this QR code, they have access to your business website. They are used in marketing a business as well as in the many payment applications that have been developed over the years. Firstly, using a QR code is one of the most efficient ways of marketing your business.  Many businesses have theirs displayed on their check out desk, or around their shop.  Clients simply scan these to find out all the information they need about what your business can offer as well as the prices, the contact details, etc. This boosts awareness of your business and encourages client’s loyalty.

Secondly, these codes are also being used at concert venues and other tourism destinations in order to provide much needed information.  For example, you can go to Cape Point Nature Reserve in Cape Town, South Africa and scan a QR code to access a map of the area and other information about the fauna and flora and indigenous plants.

Thirdly, they are used in the many payment applications that have been invented. SnapScan is the most popular and common one in South Africa.  Many clients do not want to carry around their cash or credit cards due to safety concerns. With these payment applications, it is possible to pay simply by scanning a QR with your Smartphone and following the prompts. Clients load their credit card details onto the app on their phone. This is a once off process and is safe and secure. After this, they can pay with their  smartphone. By initiating this payment system in your business, you will make it more convenient for your clients to shop with you, thus boosting your client’s loyalty and your own profit margin.

In conclusion, it is clear that barcodes have changed our world for the better. Please do not hesitate to contact us for all of your barcoding needs.


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