Kenyan startup Alatpres launches mobile safety application


Kenyan public safety and data analytics startup Alatpres Technologies has launched a mobile solution that provides a reliable emergency notification and management solution for citizens, businesses and public safety agencies. 

Launched in 2020, Alatpres develops technologies that are designed to enhance public safety through empowering communities and various entities  in ways that enable more collaboration and connectedness.

“We aim to foster more collaboration between communities and safety providers as well as promote a data-driven and proactive approach to public safety management in Kenya and Africa,” Benedict Njue, the startup’s founder and chief executive officer (CEO), told Disrupt Africa.

Borrowing from the community policing concept, the Alatpres app is designed to provide a crowd-sourced response and intelligence system through increasing community and institutional engagement in fast reporting and response to security and safety issues and other events of public interest. 

It allows users to create response groups within their homes, residential places,  workplaces, places of worship, and learning institutions, which are then further configured by integrating them with local first responders. 

“This enables faster sharing of alerts, intelligence and situational information in a  single tab to a pre-configured response group, enabling faster response,” said Njue.

“We believe having a ready pre-configured and swift response system can make all  the difference in any distress situation and can save thousands of lives and  properties that would otherwise have been lost.”

The solution also integrates modern day data analytics tools that subject user generated content to analysis to generate actionable safety insights that can be used by various stakeholders and decision makers in the public safety industry.

“These insights will be useful in crime and incident prediction and investigation, mapping of incident hotspots and generally help in promoting pro-active culture to public safety management in Kenya and Africa,” said Njue. 

“We believe when data is well analysed we will be able to connect dots between various incidences.”

Alatpres plans to generate revenue through user subscriptions, adverts and big data.


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