New Nigerian VoD startup focused on easing viewership of latest movies


Viewmax Entertainment is the latest addition to the busy Nigerian video on demand (VoD) space, focusing on making the latest local and international movies available to urban and peri-urban communities that otherwise lack ways of viewing them.

Formed in September 2020 by Abdulmalik Badamasi and Ayuba Abdullahi Mako, Viewmax aims to improve movie distribution on the continent.

“It began from a discussion on how we were going to see a movie that just premiered in Nigeria, which was not available in our city. Interestingly, we live in a city with five million inhabitants, without a single way to see the movie,” Badamasi said. 

“So, we brainstormed for weeks on how we could solve the problem in a way that would be replicable and actually work across the continent. Luckily after a lot of discussions, negotiations and partnerships with corporates, it became a possibility.”

Viewmax looks to make movies available via an online platform, filling the gap between traditional cinemas and streaming platforms. 

“Movie producers and customers are excited by the flexibility our service will be offering. Movie producers will not have to wait in long queues to have their movies premiered in just a few city cinemas across the continent, their movies will now be able to reach millions more simultaneously across the continent in real-time,” said Badamasi.

“Customers can now enjoy the very best of movies with the highest quality as soon as they are released, affordably, and regardless of where they live.”

The self-funded Viewmax is looking to raise its pre-seed round this year, and has already onboarded its first partner viewing centre in northern Nigeria.

“We are particularly focused on cities and communities without any access to a cinema, still faced with expensive alternatives,” Badamasi said.

“Our expansion plans include expanding to more African countries as soon as we hit critical mass of onboarded partner viewing centres in Nigeria.”

Viewmax plans to earn revenues from its on-app VoD service, subscriptions, and ticket sales to customers.


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