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The crypto sector made its way from being an enthusiast-backed way of payment to becoming an industry with US$2 trillion in market capitalisation. However, getting on board the crypto bandwagon is still cumbersome, while the volatility can sometimes inflict massive losses to crypto holders.

Fondex.pro is the perfect platform for entering the trading world while getting the most of the marvelous world of the crypto sector and managing a portfolio of assets easily, and securely. You can gain access to over 1,000 assets, all in one trading application. The trading platform offers crypto enthusiasts the chance to use their favorite crypto assets, as well as six more asset classes and deposit directly with Fondex, eliminating intermediaries like banks and crypto-to-fiat conversions, which democratizes crypto transactions in the CFD world.

Transforming the way investors and traders interact with CFD platforms, however, is no easy task. Fondex.pro’s seamless deposit process directly in cryptocurrency eliminates the hassle of converting funds into the account’s fiat currency (i.e. EUR, USD, CHF, etc.), boosting convenience and transparency.

By utilising the award-winning cTrader platform, Fondex also expands the possibilities for CFD traders without compromising transparency or feature availability. Fondex strives to provide a fast, future-thinking, modern, technology-oriented and reliable crypto CFD trading brokerage tool, which makes the process of depositing and withdrawing super easy and fast.

By eliminating the processes required by other brokers and the hassles of making bank transfers, Fondex.pro is making onboarding streamlined and requiring only a minute or two to sign up. Furthermore, the company offers a completely free account and free deposits with low spreads and a vast array of trading options.

The introduction of cryptocurrencies into CFD trading is also eliminating waiting times for banks to process the deposit or withdrawal of funds, which also sometimes come with high processing costs, especially for cross-border settlements. In order to streamline the process, users simply have to transfer their funds from their wallets to a special Fondex wallet, which happens almost instantly, and start trading on the platform.

The Fondex.pro CFD Platform In Details

Fondex.pro utilises the award-winning cTrader platform for granting you exposure to over 80 Forex pairs, more than 900 share CFD from top companies, and enter the world of crude oil and natural gas trading. Furthermore, the platform enables you to invest in 15 of the most used indices, as well as invest in precious metals and exchange-traded funds all in one place and with a single crypto wallet.

On the other hand, the key advantages of using Fondex as a go-to platform for investments and portfolio management are the tight spreads and leverage up to 1:500.

Another key element of the Fondex.pro platform is the access it provides to users to over 70 pre-installed analytics tools such as trend indicators, oscillators, lines, shapes, and volatility measures, which help users decide the best possible strategies for their investments. Also, you can create your own custom indicators, or download them from the database.

You can also place orders directly from the 4 chart types, which the Fondex platform has utilized, as well as create templates of your analysis for future use.

Crypto owners can use Fondex as a perfect way to hedge against volatility by placing direct orders on Bitcoin CFDs, for example. Also, the platform allows for an easy, double-click approach for both long or short positions, making it a marvelous tool for taking advantage of the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies.

Leverage is yet another powerful tool for investors, as values reach up to 1:500 for Forex trading. However, opening a leveraged position comes with its risks, despite being able to open a large position with less capital.

For novice investors, Fondex added several useful tools for gaining confidence and momentum – the Copy and Automate functions.

Copy allows you to bring home hundreds of proven, effective investment strategies and use them instantly, or to become a Strategy Provider and share the knowledge with other traders.

Automate is a wonderful tool to eliminate the pressure from making rookie mistakes and benefit from higher speed and accuracy. The cBot functionality can be upgraded with custom indicators, which can aid users in creating their own trading robots.

All trades are processed with zero commission, full transparency, and a robust risk management algorithm.

Opening An Account On Fondex

Opening an account on the Fondex.pro platform takes only a minute or two. You simply have to enter a valid email, choose a password, and provide your mobile phone number for security reasons. The next stage is answering a couple of questions and providing verification documents since the company requires user verification.

Once you are approved, you can set up your BTC trading account with just a few clicks. Simply navigate to the upper right corner of the screen, click on your live account, and select the “Create new Trading Account” option.

A context menu with all supported currencies would be brought up, so you have to select BTC and input the amount in the account you want to deposit.

In order to deposit Bitcoin into the account, you have to navigate to the “Deposit” tab at the left-side menu. Mobile users have a similar way of depositing, with Android users having to navigate to the bottom navigation bar, while iOS users have to tap the main menu and select “Deposit”. The next step involves entering the unique BTC deposit address into the user’s wallet and completing the transaction. Simple as that!


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