SA AI-based biotech startup BixBio raises funding from Illumina Accelerator


South African AI-based biotech company BixBio has been selected as one of seven genomics companies to join the third global funding cycle of the US-based Illumina Accelerator.

The search for disease-causing genetic variants and novel drug targets is a complex and time-consuming  process. The often multi-variant nature of complex inherited diseases provides unique challenges to precision medicine and pharma companies developing drugs. 

BixBio leverages its proprietary AI platform to better curate large genetic datasets and improve identification of disease-causing genetic variants and novel drug targets.

The startup took part in the South Africa-based OneBio accelerator earlier this year, securing some funding, and has now received investment from Illumina Accelerator, run by the Silicon Valley-based Illumina for Startups. Focused on creating an innovation ecosystem for the genomics industry by partnering with leading venture capital investors and entrepreneurs to create, launch, Illumina launched the accelerator in 2014.

BixBio has built an initial prototype, and during the Illumina Accelerator will be developing a beta version of its gene variant identification tool for market launch in Q2 of next year. The startup will be spending the next six months in the US, benefitting from Illumina Accelerator’s expertise, networks and global reach.


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