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Gift cards are digital assets that are created to serve as an alternative method of payment at a designated brand, website, gas station, restaurant, etc. 

What happens is that, when you are at the point of check out at the designated brand, either online or at a physical store, you input the details of your gift card or hand over the card to the cashier on duty and request they subtract the amount from the balance of your gift card. 

The idea behind gift cards was to make purchasing at brands much easier and more convenient. Creating a direct means of payment that is practically equivalent to money at the brand, aside from regular cash, debit, or credit cards is a good idea.

In case you are not familiar with gift cards or you have forgotten about them, I would mention a few big names, to see if it would shake your memory. 

Notable Gift Card Names 

You should most likely have heard about ;

Google Play gift cards

Amazon gift cards

Steam gift cards

American Express gift cards

Razer Gold gift cards

Sephora gift cards

Itunes gift cards

Apple gift cards

Footlocker gift cards

Nordstrom gift cards

Playstation gift cards

Xbox gift cards

Nike gift cards

I am sure by now they must be coming back little by little. 

The only setback with gift cards is the fact that they cannot be redeemed elsewhere. For example, you cannot use your $100 Nike gift card to make purchases at PlayStation. So what happens when you do not necessarily need items from a particular brand? do you give the cards away, force yourself to shop from the brand no matter how unnecessary the purchase is, or just leave it on a shelf somewhere. While giving out is great, it should be genuine and not with things you need, wasting is not an option, this is where gift card trading comes in. 

Gift cards further began to have a different use. They are an excellent means of exchange. Just like other digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, you can now accept gift cards as a means of payment. All this was made possible because of gift card trading. 

What is Gift Card Trading? 

It is simple, gift card trading is the act of converting a gift card to a particular currency. Such as USD, GBP OR NGN. 

Talking Of Gift Card Trading in Nigeria 

Other than the fact that you can redeem gift cards at certain brands here as well, there is also an avenue to sell your gift cards for Naira.  This is good news, right? on paper, but in reality, we are all aware of its setbacks. 

Why is it Hard To Sell Gift Cards In Nigeria?

It may not be hard but it is not necessarily easy to trade these assets in the country, especially when you are not aware of a proper platform to do so. Most people now parade themselves as legit but are scam websites, the ones who are legit give low rates, have poor customer service, or are relatively slow in payouts. The problem never seems to end. Until the introduction of a certain platform a couple of years back.

Where is the Best Place To Trade My Gift Cards in Nigeria

Easy answer, Cardtonic. This is a modern-day gift card exchange platform that is suitable for both the OGs and amateur traders. The application has a very friendly user interface, making it easy for users to navigate. It is a secure and verified platform that offers customer-inclined gift card rates and guarantees fast payouts at any time of the day. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to wait for long before their withdrawal reflects in their bank account. 

What Gift Cards Can I Trade on Cardtonic?

You can sell practically all big brands’ gift cards on Cardtonic. Some of which include; Google Play gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Steam gift cards, American Express gift cards, Razer Gold gift cards, Sephora gift cards, Itunes gift cards, Apple gift cards, Footlocker gift cards, Nordstrom gift cards, Playstation gift cards, Xbox gift cards, Nike gift cards, etc. 

How Can I Trade On Cardtonic?

With 4 quick steps, you can successfully convert your gift card to cash on Cardtonic within minutes. 

1 – Download the App: For a faster and more convenient trading experience, I recommend you download the Cardtonic application on either your IOS or Google Play store. Just search for “Cardtonic”. However, you can trade on Cardtonic’s official website.

2 – Register on Platform: Registration is pretty straightforward, certain information like your full name, email address, bank account number, etc would be required. 

3 – Trade: Trading on Cardtonic is real smooth, once you click the “trade gift cards’ ‘ icon, you have about 3/4 blanks you have to fill relating to your gift card. Which are; Category, subcategory, gift card amount, upload the images of your card, and click on the “Start Trade” icon. 

4 – Withdraw: Firstly, you would need to create your withdrawal pin. Tap the menu icon, click on settings, then authentication. Select the Create pin option and input your 4 digit pin. This pin would be used anytime you make a withdrawal from your Cardtonic Account. 

With this, you are good to go. 

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