Egyptian startup Mazadat launches auctioning platform


Egyptian startup Mazadat has launched an auctioning platform and e-commerce marketplace that allows people to buy and sell directly with ease.

Founded in May 2021, Mazadat allows individuals and businesses to sell their items and products, used or new using a time-boxed auction, a fixed-price ‘’buy now’’ listing, or a hybrid format, while buyers enjoy the combined variety of offerings in one place.

“Whether you want to sell your old smartphone or buy a new sofa for your home, Mazadat lets you sell or buy directly with ease. It also lets you sell for the highest price on the market or bid on your desired items through an online auction with a simple tap,” said Ahmed Awny, the startup’s marketing director.

“At Mazadat, we ensure the safety and security of our customers through our service points network. No more anxious meetings with strangers in public places.”

These service points are decentralised physical service centres to enable efficient, convenient, safe and secure drop-offs and pick-ups of goods and orders.

Funded by angel investors, Mazadat is only active in Egypt but plans regional – and global – expansion.


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