Xiaomi and Africa: It’s goal in achieving greatness for the African people


Why would anyone purchase a phone that requires up to ten hours to charge? It’s almost unthinkable nowadays that you can send a text in minutes and get a response in minutes—or even less—that mobile phones used to have a talking time of less than an hour and might take up to 10 hours to charge. ‘How absurd,’ you’re probably thinking.

People have grown accustomed to engaging with their phones throughout time, resulting in significant advancements in technology that have improved people’s lives. This is in stark contrast to what was the case before the world was introduced to smart gadgets. Since then, cellphones have proliferated around the world, swiftly making their way to Africa. One of those smartphone brands changing the world is XIAOMI. 

Xiaomi was created in Beijing, China, in 2010 by Lei Jun and six other associates. Xiaomi had become the world’s most valuable tech startup by 2014. It was only natural that it spread its tentacles across the globe, with Africa being one of the most important. Xiaomi began commercial operations in Egypt in 2018 and entered the Kenyan market in Q1. They immediately expanded to 12 African nations the following year, with over 3000 retail units, which is an outstanding development trajectory. You might blame their rapid development and spread on luck, or you could credit it on their functioning high-end phones that tackle important tech issues. Perhaps, Xiaomi considers Africa to be a family, and because they understand how vital it is to make even one family member happy, they went to great lengths to ensure that their products and CSR efforts had a positive influence.

The company has also established the world’s leading consumer AIoT (AI+IoT) platform, more than 400 million smart devices connected to its platform as of September 30, 2021, excluding smartphones and laptops. Xiaomi products are present in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. In August 2021, the company made the Fortune Global 500 list for the third time, ranking 338th, up 84 places compared to 2020.

Xiaomi was rated third in the Canalys top smartphone vendor research in Africa, with an annual growth rate of 66 percent projected for 2021. In Egypt, they experienced a 31 percent year-over-year rise, while in Morocco, they saw a 558 percent year-over-year increase. In Morocco, Xiaomi had a 26 percent market share, which implies that about one out of every four smartphones sold in the country was from Xiaomi. Xiaomi had a strong sales performance in Africa in the fourth quarter of 2021. Their shipments to Africa as a whole increased by 33% year over year. South Africa had a 537 percent increase year over year. 

Meanwhile, the online introduction of the Mi 11 in Egypt generated 210,000 comments on Facebook in less than two hours. What a year it’s been for achieving milestones.

We must also remember Xiaomi’s #BeyondTheBoundaries with Xiaomi campaign and how it impacted the lives of Xiaomi fans in Africa. African youth, influencers, and celebrities participated in the campaign, sharing their success stories, objectives, and visions for Africa’s future. This campaign, in turn, motivated young Africans to pursue their ambitions and make them a reality, thanks to Xiaomi. 

The campaign mainly ran on their FACEBOOK PAGES in different African countries GHANA, KENYA, TUNISIA, MOROCCO, IVORY COAST AND NIGERIA. It was a 10-day campaign where Xiaomi connected with its Xiaomi’s fans via Social Media platforms most especially FACEBOOK and let them inspire each other to make a difference by sharing their own 2021 stories and achievements. This campaign was so successful that it saw over 20M impressions and reach and over 200k Engagements. This is the first Pan-African engaging campaign organized by Xiaomi on the continent. This campaign was very successful across Africa and saw young people participate. And they have promised that the next time they organize a campaign like this, they will improve the impact, build a large and strong Xiaomi Fans community in Africa

Their success on the continent is based on more than simply their grand gestures toward the continent. It’s also their entire mobile product line, but particularly their phones. The Redmi Note 11 Series, one of the year’s largest release, arrived just in time to allow customers to test their limits with sophisticated capabilities. One of them is a 108MP or 50MP main camera with a pioneering image technique for ultra-clear and ultra-exciting photography. 

Asides from photography, the AMOLED screen provides a smooth experience and instant response for users. Whether you’re playing games or switching between content, you can perform actions faster in an ultra-smooth experience. To cap it all, the 5000 MAh battery capacity assures long battery life under normal use. 

Packing a lot of impressive spec on the Redmi Note 11 Series, and retailing at an affordable price, Xiaomi has been able to maintain the trust its users have in the quality and functionality of their product roll-outs. When you consider its product offerings in relation to other devices in the same price range, you discover that you’re getting really incredible value. 

Through all of this, one thing is sure, the brand strives to defy and exceed expectations time and time again, inspiring users to challenge their limits and discover their potential. 


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