Nigeria’s Bossbus is offering users access to a wide range of travel options on-demand


Nigerian startup Bossbus claims to be offering a more affordable, convenient and reliable mobility experience to commuters, allowing them to book various forms of transport from one app.

Launched last August by Oluwatobi Johnson Fakayode, Bossbus allows users to book a trip in a comfortable car, SUV, bus or boat to various destinations, while its services also include interstate and intrastate travel, and vehicle hire.

The startup came about after Fakayode noted that many Nigerians complained that the expenses on other ride-hailing platforms were too much, especially when they needed to move from one place to another for a day or more. 

“The vehicles used were also uncomfortable and poorly managed and only taxis were available on tech-enabled platforms like Uber and Bolt. We decided to solve this problem by liaising with owners and drivers of more comfortable vehicles to ensure commuters have access to better experiences,” he said.

“Bossbus was a bike-hailing platform alone but metamorphosed into a full vehicle charter, rental and e-hailing platform. The company is still working on its ride-hailing and pooling app, as well as its drivers’ app.”

By going beyond the taxi app offering and allowing users to book long distance bus travel and even charter their own vehicles, Bossbus aims to become a one-stop-shop for transport. The bootstrapped startup has been partnering with government, private organisations and the entertainment industry to help it scale, and has already fulfilled over 1,300 trips.

Bossbus operates in the Nigerian market and caters to major cities like Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Enugu and Owerri. The company hopes to expand to other countries, such as Ghana and Ivory Coast, in the near future.


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