Nigeria’s Jamit is a social network for African podcasters


Nigerian startup Jamit is a “social audio network” that helps African podcasters produce their content and connects them with listeners.

Founded in 2018 by Stan Agbadugo and Ike Orizu, Jamit describes itself as “the African podcaster’s platform, built with love from Africa, for African podcast listeners and creators”. The startup released its first podcast in 2019, proceeding into podcast production and distribution, and became a podcast platform in 2020. 

Last year, it became “the first social audio network in Africa”, with one of its features, “shorts”, becoming a go-to option for users to achieve effective recording sessions.

“Jamit short is designed in the form of an audio journal, where people get to record their random thoughts in a few minutes and get to share with the world, solving the challenge of having a studio,” Agbadugo told Disrupt Africa.

“We also have an array of contents on our platform. We have over 40,000 podcast episodes on our platform, which include our original podcasts as well. Amongst these are podcasts that have gained international recognition and partnerships. We create audio drama and will be releasing audio books as well. What we always aim to achieve with our contents is to express and tell diverse stories through immersive audio experience.”

Jamit, Agbadugo said, had spotted a number of gaps within Africa’s young podcasting industry. 

“One of the gaps we spotted is creative storytelling. We had a situation of stories not being told authentically. We came up with a platform that allows originality and effective storytelling,” he said.

People seem to like that platform, with Jamit having over 12,000 active users. The startup has secured some investment, and is seeking more.

“We firmly believe that the uptake has been great and it keeps getting better.  We are currently operating in Nigeria and we intend on expanding to more African countries in a couple of years,” Agbadugo said.


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