Future of Work 2018

The African continent is gradually transitioning towards the gig economy, as early-stage entrepreneurs and funders increasingly favour on-demand services as opposed to more traditional jobs boards.

The Future of Work: Exploring the African Digital Work Landscape Report 2018 compiles and examines data on 180 digital work startups currently operating across 20 African countries.

The research shows that there was a huge increase in the number of digital work ventures between 2015 and 2017, with the space witnessing a gradual shift away from traditional jobs boards to more advanced on-demand solutions.

South Africa and Nigeria are market leaders in the space, with Egypt and Kenya also well represented, but there is activity across the whole continent and significant diversity within different regions.

This report looks in depth at regional hotspots; and divides digital work into six sub-categories examined separately.

The publication also includes:

  • Consideration of the pan-African spread and growth of digital work ventures;
  • Discussion of startup activity in six sub-sectors of the industry;
  • A drill-down on activity in the growing on-demand space;
  • Data on digital work startup launches by year;
  • Tracking of funding in the digital work space.

The report is available here, at a cost of US$150.

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There is another version of this report that includes an appendix containing the full dataset of 180 startups. It is available here at a cost of US$600.

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