High Tech Health

Africa’s healthcare sector is undergoing a revolution, thanks to the innovations of the 115 e-health startups currently active on the continent.

The High Tech Health: Exploring the E-health Startup Ecosystem Report 2017 examines data on e-health startups across 20 countries in Africa gathered by Disrupt Africa between January 2015 and September 2017.

Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya are early hotspots for e-health entrepreneurs, but the research shows an acceleration in startups launching continent-wide; with substantial communities of e-health innovators emerging in Uganda, Ghana, Egypt and Senegal.

The report looks in-depth at eight sub-categories in the e-health arena, finding a diverse number of focuses and approaches from African entrepreneurs.

The publication also includes:

  • Consideration of the regional spread and growth of e-health ventures;
  • Discussion of startup activity in eight sub-sectors of the e-health industry;
  • Data on e-health startup launches by year;
  • Tracking of funding in the e-health space;
  • Analysis of approaches to securing funding;
  • A list of e-health accelerator programmes open to African applicants.

The report is available at a cost of US$150.

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The report is also available with an appendix containing the full dataset of 115 startups, at a cost of US$600.

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For further information or for further purchase options, please email Tom at tom@disrupt-africa.com, or Gabriella at gabriella@disrupt-africa.com.